Individual Courses & Lessons

Chicken 101

From handling a whole chicken to creating 3 meals.

Beef & Steak

How to cook to correct doneness, braising and roasting.

Don't Fear the Fish

How to purchase, handle, cook our seafood.

The versatile Pig

Pork recipes that showcase the humble pig.

Pasta 101

From spaghetti to lasagna to hand-made gnocchi.

Savory Soups

Cream, broth and puree soups.

Salad done Simple

Tasty ways to use ingredients and stretch your budget.

Beans, grains & seeds

Great ways to diversify your dinner plate.

Spices 101

Savor the flavors.

Sauces 101

From ​gravies to hollandaise.

Fresh & Local

Learn 3 quick and tasty recipes.

Heart Healthy Cooking

Without sacrificing flavour.

Vegetarian Options

Even vegan and other dietary needs.

Desserts & Pastry

​​Wow your next dinner party with easy, homemade recipes.


French, Spanish, Jamaican, Indian …